LED Flood Lights VS LED Spot Lights

When you plan the lighting design for your landscape, you would possibly include various kinds of lights in order to get the overall look and feel that you want. Basically, your choices may include a mix of down-lights, up-lights, path lights, floodlights and spotlights that can make your yard visually more attractive, enhance the security aspect, highlight special features and direct more traffic. LED Flood Lights (same as LED powered flood lights) and LED Spot Lights are two popular options. Know about the difference between the two and find out which one is the best for your lighting requirements.
Variations in light beam angle
LED Flood Lights produce a large beam spread that may be cast at an angle of 50 – 120 °. It is a larger beam and such a light covers a vast space with no compromise on lumens (brightness of light) or wattage (energy efficiency) when compared to LED spotlight. With an LED spotlight, you can get the projection of a light beam that is narrow, at 45 ° or even less. Such a beam spread focuses on a more particular spot, and may be easier to direct. Basically, floodlights flood a region with bright light while spotlights tend to light a particular spot.
LED powered flood lights are used for illuminating larger spaces, such as parking lots, warehouses, stages, driveways or any other space that requires uniform and wide light coverage. LED spotlights are used to highlight particular points in a room or area, such as architectural details, artwork in walls, display objects or special features in a landscape. These are also used often for landscape lighting, and both shadow and light are used for achieving visual interest. These types of illuminants make it more convenient for light to be directed precisely in any direction. Spotlights take to this kind of design very well, and can let an installer achieve the precise look that is desired.
Type of decoration
LED flood lights are used mainly for illumination, and not much for decoration. LED spotlights are used primarily for decoration as well as for architectural and commercial lighting. These are amazing for lighting decoration, and can achieve numerous lighting effects, such as chasing, alternating gradient, random flashing, color flashing, transition, gradual changing and more. Many LED flood lights can be used to achieve a nice effect of illumination. LED spot lights may be used along with other types of lights, such as LED wall washer, LED underground lights, LED underwater lights etc, or used independently. These are used primarily for outdoor or indoor lighting of billboards, landscapes, historic buildings and other specific facilities, such as entertainment venues, discos and bars.
When you are confused on which type of LED light to use for your own premises, keep only a point of difference in mind. LED flood lights tend to flood an area with illumination. LED spot lights, on the other hand, illuminate a particular spot. Keeping this in mind can be very useful for you when you create a landscape lighting plan.

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