How does a wind turbine work?

Generally, the wind turbines of wind and solar hybrid LED street lights use five-blade wind wheels to achieve low wind speed start-up imbalances to cancel each other, and the operation is more stable and reliable, and effectively solves the safety hazards caused by high winds, unstable wind speeds and wind directions. The tip speed ratio of the blades is reduced to reduce the force on the blades, to ensure the smooth operation of the fan blades, and to reduce vibration and noise.

When the wind speed is less than the starting wind speed of the wind turbine, the wind turbine cannot rotate. After the wind speed reaches the starting wind speed, the fan starts to rotate, driving the generator to generate electricity. The output power is supplied to the load and the battery is charged. When the battery terminal voltage reaches the set maximum value, the signal voltage is obtained by voltage detection, and the switch is switched through the control circuit, so that the system enters the closed-loop control of voltage stabilization, which not only keeps the battery charged, but also does not cause the battery to overcharge. When the wind speed exceeds the cut-off wind speed, the wind turbine uses a mechanical speed limiting mechanism to make the wind turbine run at a certain speed or stop running at a certain speed to ensure that the wind turbine is not damaged.

The wind turbine of wind and solar hybrid LED street lights optimizes the design of the space angle between the rudder and the revolving body to accurately calculate the size of the rudder, rationally design the weight and distribution of the rudder, and optimize the shape design. When the wind is small, rely on the tail rudder gravity to control the windward direction of the wind turbine blades to achieve the purpose of starting at low wind speeds, and control the axis of the wind turbine and the axis of the light pole slewing body. When the wind exceeds the rated wind speed, pass through the space. The angle of the tail rudder is adjusted appropriately to make the blade windward angle the most reasonable to achieve the purpose of deceleration. The swing of the tail rudder enables the wind turbine to absorb wind energy better and more reasonably, and improve the safety performance of the entire system when the wind speed is too high. The tail rudder makes the wind wheel minimize the windward area and absorb less wind energy, thereby avoiding damage to the entire system caused by high winds.

The revolving body is the connecting part of the light pole and the wind generator, and its function is to make the wind generator rotate in the horizontal direction.

Through accurate calculation and rigorous experiments, the lateral distance between the axis of the generator and the axis of the lamp pole is optimized, and the mechanical speed regulation of the wind turbine is realized by coordinating the lateral angle of the tail rudder with the space angle. A slip ring and a brush are placed in the rotating body, and the light pole and the slip ring are fixed together, so that the electric energy output by the wind turbine can be input to the controller through the brush and slip ring regardless of the wind direction. The cable in the light pole will not be entangled, which realizes the purpose of unattended and free cable removal, completely solves the problem of cable entanglement in the light pole, and improves the reliability and safety of the system.

The wind turbine adopts pull-push magnetic circuit technology and full permanent magnetic levitation technology, which greatly reduces the starting resistance of the wind turbine, and it can be started when the wind speed is 2.5m/s. The start-up wind speed of the internationally better wind turbine generator is 3.5~4m/s; new bearing technology is adopted to reduce various mechanical losses and electromagnetic losses in the operation of the generator, so that the power generation at the same wind speed can be increased by nearly 20%, especially The power generation at low wind speeds is significantly increased; after reducing the various losses of the generator, the service life is also greatly extended; the wind generator shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is manufactured by a precision die-casting process, which is light in weight, high in strength, and non-productive. Rust and corrosion resistant.

The generator adopts high-efficiency permanent magnets and optimized magnetic circuit design, and selects high-permeability and high-temperature-resistant materials. The stator components are treated by vacuum dipping process, which greatly improves the insulation performance and service life; the wind turbine rotor is optimized for efficiency. Very high, using advanced polymer composite materials, with good strength and toughness, light weight, and no deformation. Its tensile strength, service life and consistency are much higher than wood blades, glass fiber and plastic blades. The airfoil shape of the wind turbine blade is optimized, and the wind energy utilization rate is high, and the operating noise is low. The impeller has undergone a dynamic balance test to ensure quiet and stable operation; the whole machine adopts anti-rust treatment, and all the external fasteners of the generator are made of stainless steel, which greatly improves the service life in rainy and salt fog areas.

The power of wind turbines used in wind and solar hybrid LED street lights is usually 300~500W. The wind turbines use permanent magnet direct-drive generators. The board is composed of a simple structure, light weight, good low-speed power generation performance, high reliability, and convenient installation and maintenance.

The above is How does a wind turbine work.

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